The Convenience Of Making Your Own Gelato

The Convenience Of Making Your Own Gelato


The beauty of today’s home ice cream makers is that many of them can make a wide variety of different frozen treats that your family will fall in love with. While we all love ice cream, making your own gelato is something that a lot of people love to try. Gelato is a softer and more dense with a milky texture full of intense flavor. Ice cream on the other hand is more creamy, has a firmer texture, and it is served and stored at a colder temperature. It also generally has more fat that affects its flavor.

For those with a true sweet tooth for this Italian import, the good news is that you can make your own gelato in your kitchen. A number of today’s ice cream makers are capable of making gelato as well. So get out your recipes, or find some online, as we give a brief rundown of some of the better home machines from which to choose from.

Top 3 Home Gelato Machines

While you do have many options, some are better than others. A lot will probably depend on your budget, so we also tried to find quality machines in varying price ranges.

Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop

This is an all in one frozen dessert machine that is able to make a wide range of frozen dishes. It can turn out gelato, ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt and more. It is fully automated with programmable settings for each. This is one modern piece of equipment that will stand out in just about any type of kitchen. Its LCD display and stainless steel construction really turn heads.

It has its own compressor as well which enables this model to turn out batch after batch without skipping a beat. This is one of the main reasons for its high price, which unfortunately for some will push it out of their range. It currently can be had for around $400. It may sound pretty steep, but the Smart Scoop is probably the top rated home ice cream machine that you can buy that is also capable of some divine gelato. Its versatility and design makes it worth the investment and this still delivers excellent value for the money and it is superb choice if you can afford it.

Lello 4080 Musso Lussino

Since gelato is most commonly associated with Italy, it is only fitting that we include an Italian machine. This one is going to be a budget buster for most people as it typically cost around $700. Yes, that is indeed a lot for a home machine but if you have a serious ice cream or gelato addiction this may just be heaven sent.

This is another machine with stainless steel parts and housing for durability and ease of cleaning. Simple, automatic controls make producing any type of frozen dessert a hassle free experience. It can make about 1.5 quarts in about 30 minutes. If you are making gelato and it starts to get too hard the machine will automatically shut itself off. The Musso Lussino also has its own compressor which supplies the cooling aspect of gelato making. Having this feature lets you make as many batches as you want without having to wait. This particular gets very good reviews from owners, but its price point puts it out of reach for most. Still something worth considering if you can afford it.

Cuisinart ICE-100

This gelato/ice cream maker is a little more budget friendly, but it will still cost you around $250 online. Just because it is a little less expensive does not mean you have to sacrifice much in the way of quality. It has a lot of the features of the previous two models on our list, but at a slightly more budget friendly price.

The ICE 100 also comes with its own compressor. This is an extremely convenient feature for any ice cream maker as it enables you to not have to freeze the mixing bowl before use. You can make gelato any time you feel like it without having to plan ahead.

It stainless steel design, easy to use controls, reliable motor, and overall performance have helped this machine rank as one of the better overall frozen treat maker. Customer ratings are quite excellent and if you do not want to spend too much this may be the better alternative.

Getting a home gelato machine is the perfect luxurious reward to treat yourself like you deserve. It is okay to indulge yourself from time to time, and having a way to make your own frozen delight whenever you want in the comfort of your own home is a fantastic way to live right. Any of the models above should be able to deliver a heavenly gelato worthy of their higher prices.

The Perfect Family Food Processor For Making Homemade Meals

The Perfect Family Food Processor For Making Homemade Meals

Food processor guide

If you are like me then you take great pride in preparing meals everyday for your family that are both healthy and delicious. Spending a lot of time in the kitchen however can get to be a lot of work, however, which can really affect your passion for cooking. This is where making use of the right small appliances can make a world of difference. Using a food processor is one way to shave valuable time off of preparing your recipes. Not only is it a safer way to chop vegetables, but it can drastically reduce the time you spend taking care of those mundane tasks that you dread. Food processors are something that every kitchen can benefit from, so if you have yet to treat yourself to this wonderful innovation it is time to start considering upgrading your cooking arsenal.

We are huge fans of Breville appliances, and their food processor offering is an exceptional choice for those who can afford it. Before buying it is always wise to do the proper research to find something that fits what you need within your budget. Guajillo Grill food processor ratings are an excellent starting place as it will let you see which are the most popular food processing models that owners love to use. Below we will give you some of the reasons why the BFP800XL from Breville is the machine we always recommend.

Modern Design

Breville prides itself for producing some of the most modern looking small kitchen appliances that you can buy. Their Sous Chef food processor is no different. An small LCD display graces the front along with backlit buttons that give it that certain “cool” factor. Its form and design will fit perfectly into any type of kitchen and it should really turn some heads.


This model comes equipped wit a 1200 Watt induction motor that is strong enough to handle anything that you drop into the food processor without missing a beat. The motor itself is backed by a 25 year warranty so you know that the most important part of your investment is safe for years to come.


The BFP800XL comes with 5 discs and 3 cutting blades that let you handle any type of cutting task with ease. The variable cutting disc gives you the flexibility of 24 different settings to let you customize just how thick or thin that you wish to slice. This mind blowing attention to detail is what makes it one of the top performers for the home market. It gives you commercial grade usability in the comfort of your own kitchen. There are many ways to use a food processor, and this Breville model excels at all of them.

Large Feed Chute

This is also something that Breville is known for and it really comes in handy. Having a wide feed chute means you can drop large chunks of food into the machine without having to first cut them into tiny pieces. This is an added time saving benefit that lets you keep your cutting board in the drawer where it belongs. This feature also comes in handy when dealing with liquids such as batter as you have a bigger opening to pour into and reduces the risk of spills.

Different Sized Bowls

This unit comes with a big 16 cup bowl that is perfect for big jobs, but it also comes with a smaller 2.5 cup bowl for when you just need to chop up smaller portions. This will help save on clean up time for those quick jobs when you just need something done quickly but don’t need to use the full capacity of the larger bowl. Both of the bowls are also BPA-free for those concerned about the toxicity of plastic touching the foods that they eat. Chop, slice, dice and mince with peace of mind.

Almost the Perfect Kitchen Appliance

This is one workhorse that has a ton of useful features designed with the amateur chef in mind. However, it is not cheap. This is perhaps the biggest knock on this gem of an appliance. It will run you north of $300, which unfortunately is not ideal for everyone’s budget. It does get some incredible reviews from owners who say that it is worth every penny. It is one of those splurges that can really pay dividends for its users if they spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking. But when there are other food processors on the market that can do just about everything that the Sous Chef does only without the modern flare, the price is definitely a deterrent for some folks.

We bought one of these a couple of years ago and while it was a considerably more than we hoped to spend, it was indeed a fantastic invest for us. It made our time in the kitchen feel less like work and it got us away from the knife and cutting board and those boring tasks. In turn, it made us look forward to preparing our meals and when you work less for the food that you make it somehow ends up tasting that much better. Whichever brand of food process that you choose to add to your kitchen, its benefits are something that can transform the way that you cook, which is why we always recommend getting one. Happy cooking!